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Planting the Seed

Contributed by: Sam Ifergan, President and CEO, iGan Partners The Important Role Early Stage Funding Plays in Growing Canada’s Digital Health Sector As an entrepreneur…

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The Private Investor Perspective Part One: Canadian VC & PE in 2017 & Beyond

This is part one of a new CVCA series, The Private Investor Perspective, which examines the Canadian venture capital and private equity market from the… Read More

Q3 2017 VC & PE Activity: CVCA Data Sneak Peek

The CVCA will be publishing its final Q3 2017 VC & PE Canadian Market Overviews on November 22. According to preliminary Q3 2017 CVCA data… Read More

Lightspeed’s Historic Series D Round Marks Turning Point in Canadian Tech Startup History

“It’s less the amount that’s impressive than the attitude behind the alignment of interests of the VCs, large institutions and management towards building on a… Read More

The Moment Behind The Movement: Jodi Kovitz & #movethedial

“I never, ever would have had the opportunity to go on that trip but for my male friend taking two minutes to move the dial… Read More

New Head Of Business Development and Member Engagement at CVCA

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Fil Varino, the Head of Development and Member Engagement at CVCA. Take a look at what he… Read More

YPC and WoodGreen Community Services Building a Bridge for New Canadians

Canadian newcomers are already benefiting from the recently announced partnership between the Young Private Capitalists committee (YPC) and WoodGreen Community Services (WoodGreen). The… Read More

CVCA Reacts to Announcement of Passive Investment Tax Changes

Toronto, October 18, 2017 – The Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA) welcomes today’s announcement by Finance Minister Bill Morneau regarding the passive investment… Read More

Canadian ICT Roaring Through 2017

“The evolution of the Canadian ICT industry has reached a tipping point” Canada continues to see an increase in investment activity around the information and… Read More

CVCA Responds to Consultation on Proposed Private Corporation Tax Changes

Since the July 18th announcement, the CVCA has engaged its members and others in the ecosystem to assess the impact of the proposals. Overall, while… Read More

CVCA H1 Quarterly Exclusive: PE & VC Review

These articles have been a part of a new series, CVCA Quarterly Exclusive, written and published by the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association. Read More

ICOs: Toronto-based Tech VC, Information Venture Partners Weighs In

As far as cryptocurrencies’ go, Bitcoin is probably the most commonly known. Bitcoin surfaced in 2009 by an unknown person or people under the… Read More

CVCA H1 Quarterly Exclusive: Top VC Deal Profile – Element AI

This article is part of a new series, CVCA Quarterly Exclusive, written and published by the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association. This series provides… Read More