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CVCA New Member Profile: Regenerative Capital Group

RCG Team

Welcome back to our CVCA Central series, where we spotlight our members, offering insights into the organizations that play a critical role in our community. This time, we’re featuring Regenerative Capital Group.

What is Regenerative Capital Group’s focus?

Regenerative Capital Group’s investment and impact thesis is centered on seizing the opportunity presented by the convergence of the silver tsunami’ decade of SME ownership succession in Canada, the emerging interest in Search Fund’ investments, and investors seeking alternative investment vehicles that can provide market-rate returns and transformative impact.

We focus on regenerative value creation for profit, people, and place by utilizing an innovative private equity-styled investment vehicle that invests in proven operator-entrepreneurs, proven businesses, and our proven experience in scaling SMEs across Canada.

Tell us about the key people at Regenerative Capital Group

GP/​Chairman Mike Miller is a serial SME acquisition entrepreneur with multiple 8‑figure exits to his credit. He has 25 years’ experience in Senior Executive roles at three Canadian public financial institutions including Chairman & CEO Investors Group Securities and Director Global Institutional Sales & Research at RBC Dominion Securities.

GP/CEO Cordell Jacks is an internationally recognized impact entrepreneur, noted for his innovations in market systems development at globally scaled initiatives. Past efforts include leadership of cleantech & circular economy businesses, international market development efforts across Asia and Africa, and innovation through Human Centered Design, as well as previous impact fund management experience.

What is Generative Capital Group Excited About?

We have a lot to be excited about with our 2024 cohort of (5) acquisition entrepreneurs who we are funding, and their pending SME acquisitions (more at www​.regen​er​a​tive​cap​i​tal​group​.com). We are preparing for our first close of Fund I September 30th, which we have just gone to market with and have already secured $20M of commitments towards our anticipated $50M final close. Finally, we are particularly excited about the interest of scaling our model with interest from investors and partners seeking provincial/​national cohorts of our model.