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Celebrating 50 Years of CVCA

As the Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association reaches its golden anniversary today, July 8, 2024, we are taking this moment to reflect on five decades of commitment to fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth in Canada. This milestone highlights our industry and organization’s resilience and adaptability, celebrating the dynamic and evolving venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) landscape in our country.

In preparation for this significant anniversary, CVCA collaborated on an ambitious research project. Our goal was to document and present the rich history of our association and the broader industry we represent. The result is a comprehensive narrative that chronicles our journey, captures pivotal moments, and honours the leaders who have shaped our path.

A Journey Through Time

Our new and refreshed website now features a 50-year timeline that vividly brings to life the milestones and achievements that have defined CVCA’s history. From our beginnings in 1974 to our current position as a cornerstone of Canada’s financial ecosystem, each decade is marked by contributions to the growth and success of countless businesses across the nation.

The timeline highlights key figures who have led CVCA with distinction and we extend our gratitude to our past presidents, chairs, and directors, whose leadership and foresight have been instrumental in guiding the association through various phases of growth and transformation. 

Building the Future on a Strong Foundation

In 1974, Gerald Sutton, our inaugural president, set the stage for an association dedicated to addressing counterproductive tax policies and an unfavourable regulatory environment that can hinder the growth of Canada’s VC and PE sectors. This original mission to combat these challenges has remained central to CVCA’s purpose and continues to guide our advocacy efforts today.

From the outset, CVCA has been committed to creating a favourable environment for investment by engaging with policymakers and advocating for the private capital industry. Over the years, we have successfully influenced numerous policy decisions that have paved the way for innovation and economic growth. This fight is not just a part of our history but an ongoing battle that drives our activities today. Our current efforts include addressing the proposed increase in the capital gains inclusion rate, a measure that could significantly impact our industry.

The investors CVCA supports are behind the creation of thousands of jobs, the advancement of innovative technologies, and the strengthening of local economies across the country. They are the backbone of Canada’s entrepreneurial spirit, supporting businesses from startup to global expansion. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we remain dedicated to fostering a thriving investment landscape that benefits all Canadians.

Celebrating With Our Community

As part of our 50th-anniversary celebrations, CVCA will embark on a nationwide tour this fall, reconnecting with our members and celebrating our collective achievements. These events will be more than just social gatherings; they are a testament to the vibrant community that has grown around our shared mission. From coast to coast, we will bring together our members and industry stakeholders to reflect on our past, celebrate our present, and envision our future.

This year has been marked by incredible achievements from our members, highlighted through our CVCA awards programs. Since its formal inception in 2005, the CVCA Awards have recognized excellence in our industry. This year, we were thrilled to bring back in-person awards presentations at the Invest Canada conference. Additionally, we continue to hold a special presentation of the Canadian Women in Private Capital Awards, which were added to CVCA’s award program in 2022, honouring the remarkable contributions of women in our field.

Looking Ahead

The past 50 years have been marked by remarkable growth and development in Canada’s VC and PE sectors. Our future holds immense potential. Emerging technologies, increasing globalization, and evolving market dynamics present both challenges and opportunities. As we celebrate this milestone, we also look to the future with a sense of optimism and purpose. Our industry continues to evolve, driven by innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit that defines Canada. CVCA remains committed to supporting our members and advocating for policies that foster a thriving investment environment.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Soul of Canada for their work in capturing the essence of CVCA’s history. Their dedication to making our story accessible and engaging has allowed us to share our journey with you and a broader audience, underscoring the critical role of venture capital and private equity in Canada’s economic growth.

We invite you to explore our new timeline, join us at our upcoming events, and be part of the next chapter in CVCA’s story. The past five decades have been a remarkable journey, and we look forward to what the future holds as we continue to drive innovation and growth in Canada.


Discover how the CVCA has fueled innovation and economic growth since 1974 and learn about our vision for the future.

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