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YPC and WoodGreen Community Services Building a Bridge for New Canadians

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Canadian newcomers are already benefiting from the recently announced partnership between the Young Private Capitalists committee (YPC) and WoodGreen Community Services (WoodGreen). The partnership provides a unique opportunity to network with Canada’s strong and established financial community.

The first-of-its-kind partnership, announced late August, brings together the Community Connections Program at WoodGreen and the networking-based YPC committee — a sub-committee of the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA).

WoodGreen participants Rui Luo from China and Michael Tang from Hong Kong attended the first YPC networking event on August 30th. Michael has a background in banking and securities while Rui was working in retail credit risk management before relocating to Canada. Both say they found the experience incredibly valuable.

I found it valuable to attend because, as a Canadian newcomer, I can expand my network while practicing my networking style,” says Tang.

Echoing Tang’s sentiments, Luo says, The experience and event was definitely valuable. Newcomers need to build a new network within a new place.”

YPC Co-Chairs Shannon Martin, Associate, Fulcrum Partners and Jonathan Draycott, Vice President, Ironbridge Equity Partners say partnering with WoodGreen is a natural fit with many participants matching the YPC demographic.

Much of Canadian growth is dependent on immigration and private capital fuels much of the grown in private companies,” says Draycott.

YPC events centre around networking and making new connections; which will be valuable to the WoodGreen participants and YPC members.”

On how Canadian newcomers can looking to break into the Canadian financial industry, Tang and Luo agree that networking is fundamental.

I would like to offer an acronym to Canadian newcomers looking to break back into the financial sector in Canada,” says Tang. WALK. The W’ means watch financial news on television in newspapers and annual reports. The A’ stands for ask’ professionals and university lecturers. The L’ means listen’ or learn’ new ideas to gain knowledge to participate in the market flow and finally, K’, which means kick out action’ with a well-prepared mind set and equipped tools. Canadian newcomers can start new lives in the financial sector in Canada and they will WALK their journey to success. Remember to talk to people and don’t be afraid — there’s someone out there are willing to help.”

Proving the financial sector knows unlimited borders, the co-chairs of the YPC shared similar advice for Canadian newcomers looking to work in Canada’s financial industry.

Network as much as possible. The financial industry is large and has a lot of opportunity, particularly in Toronto. Take advantage of YPC and other similar groups to expand your network,” says Martin and Draycott. Also, take advantage of LinkedIn and don’t be afraid to reach out to people and offer to buy them a coffee. Just try not to be too persistent.”

Canadian newcomers have a chance to stand out in Canada’s financial industry, say the YPC chairs.

Having an international background can be a great differentiator — use it to your advantage.”

About the YPC:

The Young Private Capitalists (YPC), a committee of the CVCA, is dedicated to fostering networking and relationship-building amongst the next generation of professionals, at the sub-partner level, working in all aspects of venture capital and private equity investing in Canada. This is accomplished by organizing a series of 10 – 12 events throughout the year in the major markets of Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver as well as in other markets on an opportunistic basis.

The YPC committee organizes social events that are designed to strengthen networking opportunities amongst younger members of the venture capital and private equity community.

To qualify for YPC membership, individuals must be employed by a reputable company in the venture capital and/​or private equity ecosystem (i.e. venture capital or private equity firm, or relevant professional services company). Founders and/​or entrepreneurs seeking funding do not qualify for membership, nor do students seeking employment opportunities.

To join the YPC mailing list, please send your full name, job title, seniority level (entry, junior, mid, senior or executive level), company affiliation, the city of which your office is located in, and a professional email address to ypc@​cvca.​ca.