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The Investment Opportunity In British Columbia

Innovate BC

B.C.’s tech sector is thriving. Year over year, we’re experiencing consistent growth in revenue, GDP, job creation, and total companies. We have more than 10,000 companies, employing more than 114,000 people, all over the province. Emerging tech hubs in the Okanagan, Kootenays, and Vancouver Island are helping drive innovation in all parts of B.C., providing

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Moving From Searchlight To Beacon: An Opportunity For Canadian Venture Capital Firms Dedicated To Increasing Their Investment In Women‑Founded Firms

Jonathan Hera

The May 7th, 2019 report by Highline BETA and Female Funders on Women in Venture Capital shows that only 11.8% of managing partners in Canada’s venture capital industry are women; fewer still at the venture partner level (10.3%). The report also says that $4.6B or eighty-five per cent of money invested in Canadian venture-capital funds

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Empowering Canada’s Women Investors: Enough Talk, Let’s Take Action

Lauren Robinson

Despite Canada’s commitment to creating opportunities for the next generation of women founders, access to capital remains a significant barrier for women looking to launch and scale globally relevant businesses. Last year, Female Funders and Highline BETA launched the Women in Venture Report. This was the beginning of an ongoing project we’ve undertaken to understand

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Forget About The Health of Your Portfolios For A Minute

Jennifer Williams

Instead of talking about the health of our investments, let’s talk about the health of our entrepreneurs and colleagues. As investors, we are continually checking in on the health of our portfolio companies, but when was the last time we checked in on the health of our entrepreneurs—more specifically, the mental health of our entrepreneurs?

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The Private Credit Landscape

John Middleton

The Private Credit Landscape is a contribution to CVCA Central from CVCA member John Middleton, Senior Manager, Harmonic Fund Services. The recent growth in private credit has been rapid and exciting. It took only 20 years—and a financial crisis—to fundamentally restructure the loan market to one where alternative credit is helping fuel a very significant

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A Venture Capital Fund With A Social Impact Heart – How Is That Possible?

Brenda Irwin

The Relentless Venture Fund embraces a hybrid venture model: a profit driven, venture capital, health fund with a social impact heart. We are a double bottom line fund. Digital Health & Data—The Enablers But how is it possible to be a true venture capital fund that delivers venture-level returns as well as social good? It

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The Newest Face Of Corporate Trust And Responsibility

Ken Ip

Ken Ip, Director of Engineering at Hockeystick teamed up with Jason Brenier, Vice President of Strategy at Georgian Partners to analyze the area of trust as it relates to customer data in this special contribution to CVCA Central. Recent breaches of data in tech have amplified the need for companies to develop new ways to protect

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How Ireland Can Help Canadian Companies Go Global

Deirdre Moran

If there’s one word that captures the aims of ambitious high-tech companies, it’s scale. It’s about hitting big numbers—whether that’s customers, ARR or valuation—fast. Scale is embedded into the DNA of founders and the VCs backing them with the financial firepower to reach their ambitious goals. Yet tech companies can only scale so much from

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Planning for an IPO in Canada

Allan Goodman

On April 18 (2018), the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA) hosted its second annual CVCA Exchange event in Toronto. The event takes a deep dive into the latest private capital data and expert panelists spotlight notable trends in private equity, venture capital, limited partner and regulatory environments. This article captures some of

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Hockeystick Launches Open Database of Canada’s Innovation Economy


CVCA Infobase 2.0 Database On Hockeystick Platform On Track To Be Launched June 2018 Hockeystick has released the largest open database of Canadian startups and investors. Its database provides first-of-its-kind visibility into the country’s innovation economy with an excess of 8,000 entities already in the system, including companies and early-stage funders: angel groups, accelerators, government