Participate in the 2016 CVCA & McLagan Compensation Benchmark and Pay Practice Survey

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Are you rewarding and performing?
Attracting, managing and rewarding best-in-class human capital is critical to your firm’s success. That’s why McLagan (an Aon company), in partnership with the CVCA, is pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural Compensation Benchmark and Pay Practice Survey for CVCA members. This report will provide firms with the robust data and market insight needed to make effective decisions in attracting and retaining key talent.

McLagan provides compensation benchmarking and advisory services to more than 100 private markets firms globally. Based on their extensive experience in this area, McLagan is working with the CVCA to design, coordinate and deliver a meaningful compensation and pay practice report for its membership.

What’s involved?
The survey focuses on benchmarking core elements of pay for roles typically found within private equity/​venture capital organizations. In addition to the benchmarks, we will help answer questions such as:

• How do firms fund their annual bonus pool (e.g. as a % of management fees)?
• How are individual bonus awards determined (e.g. formulaic vs. discretionary)?
• Who in the firm is eligible for carried interest? Team/​House carry pool split?
• How are carry awards communicated? Fund-wide vs deal-by-deal/vintage?
• What is the vesting schedule of your firm’s carried interest scheme?
• What are typical co-investment practices? Are they mandatory/​leveraged?
• How many levels do firms use for their Investment Professionals?
• What are the expectations, timeframes and achievements at each level?
• What are typical leaving provisions/​notice periods? What happens to unvested awards?
• As 2016 gathers momentum, what are firms’ key concerns/​focus points?

What’s involved?
The core report, available free of charge to participating CVCA members, will provide firms with median and average market compensation levels and pay practice information specific to private equity and venture capitalist investment professionals.

The advanced report ($5,000) will provide firms with tailored benchmarks for additional investment and non-investment roles found within member firms.

To participate, contact:

Richard Tomcyzkowski
Tel: 2036021219

Benjy Sanford
Tel: 2036021289