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New Member Profile: VanHack

Van Hack team

We continue to showcase our members by profiling the unique organizations that make up our membership. This is an opportunity to learn how they contribute to our community and advance the ecosystem.

This week we’re excited to find out more about VanHack!

VanHack is a network of global software engineering, design, and digital marketing talent which are available on demand to relocate to help companies grow.

The CVCA caught up with the VanHack team to find out more about their team and what they’re excited about.

Tell us about VanHack

Founded in 2015, VanHack connects companies to a diverse global talent pool of 400,000+ software engineers. Trusted by over 1,300 employers, our team does the hard work of vetting technical and language skills and shortlists candidates best suited to your open roles. Whether companies are looking to relocate software engineers or adopt a remote-first working culture, VanHack can assist. Having processed hundreds of successful relocation applications, we take care of all the immigration and visa application paperwork. We also offer partner solutions that cover foreign compliance and payroll services for remote employees, saving employers valuable time and resources.

What is VanHack’s Focus?

We help companies find, hire, and relocate senior tech talent from around the world. VanHack’s mission is to build a borderless world where truly diverse teams can work and grow together. 

Tell us about some of the key people at VanHack

Ilya Brotzky is the founder and CEO of VanHack. Ilya and his family immigrated to Vancouver when he was 5 years old. After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Applied Economics and Management, Ilya landed an opportunity working in the mining industry in Brazil. At this time, he also created a crowdfunding app for the homeless, leading him to work for one of the country’s most successful early-stage accelerator. There, Ilya discovered a community of talented software engineers interested in relocating to Canada but challenged by the language requirements and soft skills required to work abroad. Upon moving back to Vancouver in 2015, Ilya founded VanHack as a way of empowering global tech talent looking for opportunities to build a life in Canada.

What is VanHack excited about in the immediate horizon and in the long term?

We are excited to work with CVCA members by helping their portfolio companies find and hire the best tech talent in the world. It is our ultimate goal to create a world where tech talent can work from wherever needed in order to help companies innovate and grow.