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New Member Profile: Splice

Splice CVCA New Member Profile

This week, we’re excited to welcome Splice to the CVCA membership! 

The CVCA caught up with Splice to find out more about their operations, team, and what they’re excited about.

Tell Us About Splice

Since 2004, Ontario-based Splice has provided innovative digital transformation for the clients and portfolio companies of our partner channels – PE, VC, leading agencies, and management consultancies. 

We’re an experienced team of consultants, solution designers, and developers who deliver innovative SaaS, apps, and advanced web and e‑commerce solutions. Splice has a mature, consultative Solution Design process that we provide as a stand-alone offering, or in combination with Solution Development services. As technologists, we’re uniquely fluent in brand, demand gen, sales funnels, operations, and more. 

Splice is also the team behind the award-winning IPM Scoutek, an innovative SaaS solution for the global greenhouse industry that Splice designed and developed in-house as a product for market and launched as a separate company. 

What is Splice’s focus?

For PE and VC portfolio companies. Splice has separate, focused services.

To serve Private Equity firms across North America, Splice provides thesis-aligned digital transformation to scale portfolio companies. Splice is also a co-founder of Suite 3A, a purpose-built agency focused on the professionalization of PE portcos across brand, marketing, digital transformation – including complex operations software and data solutions. Suite 3A also plays an essential role in M&A execution and velocity for our PE clients’ portfolios. The firm has more than 30 years of experience in serving the PE market, delivering for 75+ firms over that time. 

Splice for VC has a proven track record supporting emerging and more mature SaaS companies across funding rounds. We have specialized expertise as solution design consultants and as SaaS product developers – collaborating with internal teams and studios behind the scenes. You can think of Splice as your fractional venture studio and on-demand product velocity partners. We provide UX design and optimization, tech planning, core product development, and SaaS marketplace evolution – APIs, plugins, and custom integrations. Our services allow for rapid capabilities scaling, keeping in-house teams focused on the critical path.

Tell us about some of the key people at Splice

Splice was founded by our President Brian Hendel, a lifelong Ontario innovator. Operations is led by Vice President Carrie Izsak, a born entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful companies over the last 30 years, including (with Brian) the award-winning Saas platform for the global greenhouse industry, IPM Scoutek. Our business development head – and our lead CVCA member – is Director Geoff Hays, who has more than two decades of experience in delivering digital innovation for mid-market and global brands like FedEx, Merck, BASF, and many others. 

What is Splice excited about?

We’re excited to work with CVCA members – and their portfolio companies – to help drive innovation and scale. Near term, we’re working as solution designers and developers on some important SaaS initiatives specifically for the Canadian market. Here in Canada, we want to share more broadly the important role that our scalable, on-demand venture studio and product velocity’ services can play in scaling portcos – we’ve had significant traction in the US market on this front for years. Overall, the goal of our Splice team, along with our partners in Suite 3A, is to be a significant force for digital transformation and the Canadian innovation ecosystem for years to come.