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#IC21 Speaker Spotlight: Innovation Strategist & Visionary, Lital Marom

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On Wednesday, June 9, Invest Canada 21 is pleased to welcome featured speaker, Lital Marom. Marom is an Innovation Strategist and Visionary; helping organizations unlock the potential of their business by leveraging emerging technologies and new economic models. Marom will be leading this year’s Invest Canada Masterclass, presented by DealCloud.

Lital led the sales and global strategy of several Fortune 100 corporations across three continents before founding four companies. Currently, the founder and president of the consultancy UNFOLD, Lital works closely with leading global brands to drive digital transformation through the integration of new business models and the application of emerging technologies, such as distributed ledgers (blockchain), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). Lital is also the founder of The Academy of Tomorrow where she helps equip employees with the mindsets and skillsets needed to become creative leaders in the 21st century.

COVID-19 is a big wake-up call for most businesses to innovate and reconstruct their future or be left behind. Organizations need to make significant changes to their traditional (incumbent) business models to build their breakthrough, future-ready businesses.

As investors, both in private equity and venture capital, you approach all your investments with a growth mindset. This masterclass is designed to help you assess if you have been using an incremental approach and will guide you to think about adopting an exponential strategy and an exponential mindset to bring real transformative growth to your portfolio.

Invest Canada attendees will be challenged to think about designing a whole new roadmap to accompany your entrepreneurs: redesigning the organizational value chain, including people, technology, and business models. Attendees will also be asked to think about exponential growth; how to amplify your impact by thinking more broadly and differently and using your network rather than linear thinking. Exponential thinking is the power to multiply the effect of components (mindset, technology, business models) and not merely add them.

IC21’s Masterclass will give you a real sense of the shifts (thinking models and business models) and the fundamental principles that separate successful companies from unsuccessful ones in the digital economy. Marom will explain how attendees can identify opportunities to innovate and transform their own portfolio of businesses before someone else does.

The session at Invest Canada will be just one of 18 content sessions at the conference following seven days of networking for the 600+ attendees. The conference also features VC and PE-focused breakout sessions and a complimentary wine tasting with a world-renowned winemaker.

You can view the agenda and register for Invest Canada here.