Future Private Capital Leaders: Janelle Goulard

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Encouraging and supporting the development of industry leadership is a central part of the sustainability of Canadian private capital. Showcasing talent and telling their stories helps to build and encourage the next generation.

The CVCA is embarking on a new content series featuring the junior talent in the ecosystem. As part of this new series, we caught up with Janelle Goulard, Director of Health Investment at Pangaea Ventures Ltd.

Janelle Goulard, Director of Health Investment, Pangaea Ventures Ltd.

What are you most excited or passionate about?

I am passionate about the intersection of healthcare and technology — where real and tangible change in the human condition can be made. I have had the good fortune of having worked in four different health care systems and what I observed is, when need meets desire to change, innovation is essential, and this usually involves enabling or creating technology to facilitate the change.

I realized I wanted to be around that all my career and I’m lucky that my role at Pangaea Ventures is identifying and investing in companies that will change the future of healthcare. The opportunity to support entrepreneurs that are keen to shift the way care is delivered, work towards the cancer moonshots and ultimately change medicine and impact individuals.

When we look at the next 20 years, some of the challenges we have experienced around chronic disease, mortality and ageing will likely be solved through the entrepreneurs we’ve engaged with.

Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are, what you believe in and what you’re committed to in your work and life? 

I have several key mentors and champions in my career. I don’t believe one gets through their career without several people championing them, supporting them and pushing them to be a better professional along the way. One mentor came into my life early on when making the decision between universities for my undergraduate degree and has been by my side for every major decision until today and continues to be. He shaped my decision-making process on my career and explained, if you stop learning, it’s time to move to the next challenge. He championed me to take risks when I felt imposter syndrome” or I lacked the skills and encouraged me to take a global view to my career. He was a strong influence on my firm belief in building a strong network, nurturing that network and connecting people.

Did you have any life-changing experiences that put you on the path that led you to be doing what you’re doing today?

When I was just finishing my undergraduate business degree, I had the opportunity to get a safe’ job or work overseas in an unpaid internship. When reviewing the pros and cons of the opportunity — being employed with a Fortune 50 company, working in a multi-billion-dollar health network, and in a multi-cultural environment, it was hard to compare that to a regular entry level job. It was a transformational experience that allowed me to build an international network, expand my future career opportunities and get first hand insights in diverse healthcare markets.

What are the lessons for someone considering private capital, or for a junior colleague, who might be embarking on a similar career trajectory as you?

  • Have a world view — travel, work in other jurisdictions, and understand how the world is working; technology has made the world small — take advantage of that.
  • Be naturally curious about everything while at the same time being analytical about everything.
  • Be patient — it’s like professional baseball or hockey — there are many leagues and levels you have to get through before you’re drafted to the big leagues.
  • Have a team around you. Get your own personal board of directors who will give you sage advice on life, career and relationships. Build it with people who champion you, not just good story tellers.

Talk to us about the Young Professionals Committee in Vancouver. If someone locally was interested in joiningwhat can you share about the committee and what’s on the horizon?

The YPC in Vancouver is a growing community. In 2018, we are focused on growing our member base, building engagement between the junior and senior leaders within our industry and establishing a strong collaborative network to continue to build Vancouver as a global technology hub. We will continue to host curated events that combine insights and relationship building.

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