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Corporate Governance

Enhance Your Governance Expertise with CVCA and ICD's PE Governance Program

The upcoming PE Governance Program by the CVCA and the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) is a curated opportunity to refine private equity investors’ and independent directors’ governance skills in a practical setting. This initiative, launched in 2022, has quickly become an essential avenue for individuals keen on advancing their governance knowledge in Canadian private capital.

The new cohort (fall 2023) is ready to kick off on November 15 and 22 (Virtual) and November 29 and 30 (In-Person) in Toronto. This program uniquely combines thorough study with practical governance strategies, addressing the distinct challenges that PE-backed organizations face.

The PE Governance Program offered a well-rounded learning experience. The content was solid and well-organized, facilitating a clear understanding of the strategies discussed,” says Michael Ciaramella, Vice President at Longbow Capital, a 2022 program participant. A notable addition to the learning experience was the quality of individuals involved, with top-notch speakers and a diverse group of professionals participating. Traveling from Calgary to Toronto for this program also proved valuable, as it expanded my network and provided insight into other industries. The program has equipped me with practical tools that I foresee being highly beneficial in my future private equity governance endeavors.”

The PE Governance Program is not just a learning journey, but a pathway to practical governance excellence. Through a series of case simulations, participants are immersed in real-world scenarios, empowering them to adapt best practices in private equity settings.

A significant emphasis of the program is on diving into PE governance mechanisms, a pivotal aspect in reducing investment risk. The program explores the nuances that emerge when an investor occupies a board seat, leading to potential variances in opinions among board members. The analytical lens adopted by the program helps in ensuring harmony among board members, particularly in crucial corporate decision-making junctures.

Furthermore, a core objective of the program is to underscore the necessity of robust corporate frameworks. The establishment of sound corporate controls is a fundamental component that impacts a firm’s potential to attract additional financing and expand.

The program isn’t just about individual learning, but also about the enriching interactions and networking opportunities it provides. Participants find themselves amidst a community of seasoned private equity investors and adept independent directors, fostering an environment ripe for insightful discussions and exchanges. Diverse perspectives spark stimulating discussions, often extending beyond the structured sessions into informal conversations. This meeting of minds not only enhances the learning experience but also paves the way for forming valuable professional relationships that could extend beyond the program. Through these discussions and networking avenues, participants can broaden their understanding, gain varied insights, and even find potential collaborators for future endeavors. 

The program dives deep into PE governance mechanisms, an important aspect for reducing investment risks, especially when dealing with board dynamics. It highlighted the need for solid corporate frameworks, crucial for attracting further financing and growth. I valued not only the individual learning but also the enriching interactions with seasoned private equity investors and independent directors. The discussions, both during and outside the structured sessions, provided practical insights and the opportunity to turn governance challenges into strategic advantages. The program fosters a setting for forming meaningful professional relationships and collaborative learning,” says Valerie Sicard, Associate Principal of Growth Equity at BDC Capital, a 2022 program participant.

As a participant, you’ll delve into a rich curriculum, engage with industry peers, and learn how to turn challenges into strategic advantages, thereby becoming a more adept and value-enhancing board member. This program is an investment in refined governance expertise, propelling you to the forefront of the PE industry.

There are still some spaces available for the Fall 2023 cohort. CVCA members receive a 25% discount. Learn more and apply.