Editorial Guidelines

(Updated August 2019)

CVCA Central is the official publication of the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA) and the primary information hub for the Canadian private capital industry. CVCA Central hosts updates from the Canadian players and organizations, perspectives from industry experts, and provides exclusive market analyses. 

CVCA Central’s purpose is to: 

  • Inform and educate Canadian and international private capital professionals, governments, and the general public on the insights, issues, and perspectives of the CVCA’s members and community; 
  • Create and maintain a positive public image for the Canadian private capital industry; and 
  • Support and enhance the CVCA’s activities and services 

The editorial content of CVCA Central is determined solely by the judgment and discretion of the CVCA’s Communications and Marketing Department, in consultation with a committee comprised of CVCA Board and industry members. 

The views and opinions expressed in the magazine are those of the article authors and do not reflect or represent official policy of the CVCA, unless specifically stated. 

CVCA Central Audience

CVCA Central content is largely created and targeted at Canadian and International General Partners. A General Partner (GP) is one of two or more investors who jointly own a firm and assume a day-to-day role in managing it. GP’s invest its fund’s committed capital in public and/or private companies, manage the portfolio of investments, and seek to exit the investments in the future for a return. A GP might manage one or a few funds that may have different investment theses, such as geography, industry, or typical size of each investment. 

Other readers of CVCA Central include international and domestic CVCA member and community stakeholders, outside of GP’s, that include limited partners, professional service providers, relevant governments and crown corporations, various mainstream mediums, and members of partner organizations. 

Preference for all articles, op-eds, transactions, research, graphics, and video content is given to content provided by CVCA members. In addition, CVCA Central welcomes content from relevant sources, with final determination made by the CVCA’s Communications and Marketing Department. 

Contributed Content

Contributed content should be approximately 800 -1000 words in length, written in news article style, and should have a title, byline, introduction, body, provide source(s) for any and all claims, and include a suitable conclusion. The content should aim to satisfy any of the following objectives: 

  • Brings a particular topic(s) or matter of interest to the greater CVCA audience; 
  • Provides information on topics of relevance to the CVCA audience; 
  • Offers relevant suggestions and advice to the CVCA audience; 
  • Urges the CVCA audience to think about a matter or concept, with absolutely no direct solicitation; and/or 
  • Discusses various stories, persons, locations, rising issues, and technical developments of relevance to the CVCA audience. 

Please note that content should not be prepared and submitted without first discussing it with a CVCA communications or marketing representative. 

External Resources

The CVCA uses the Canadian Press (CP) style guide for all promotional, informational, and editorial materials. Over the years, CP Style has changed to evolve with the language; for more information, check the Canadian Press home page

Research and data used in CVCA Central content is sourced from CVCA Intelligence, the official data platform of the CVCA. CVCA’s industry data provides a complete look at the metrics that shape Canada’s private capital landscape and is relied on by government and private sector groups that drive the nation’s growth and innovation. 

For venture capital and private equity industry terminology, please visit Pitchbook’s online venture capital, private equity, and M&A glossary resource here. Investopedia also provides a list of private equity terminology online here

General Writing Best Practices

When writing for CVCA Central, the article should be written in active voice and presented with an objective point of view. All articles should be written using the Canadian Press style guide, as noted above. 

CVCA and CVCA Central Brand

Brand Tone of Voice Statement 

CVCA Central is the champion of Canadian private capital. As a product of the CVCA, it speaks responsibly for and about Canadian VC, PE, growth, and innovation with honesty and unmistakable optimism. 

Brand Style Guidelines 

Contact a member of CVCA’s Communications and Marketing Department to request a copy of our brand style guidelines. 


Please use the following guide when formatting content to submit to CVCA Central: 

  • Use H2 headers when providing subtitles within the article. See example below: 
  • Use bold text in instances when providing emphasis and always on an individual’s name, the name of a company, institution, company, or product. See example below: 
  • Use italicized text in any instance when providing context adjacent to the article. See example below: 
  • Hyperlink text for the following reasons on CVCA Central: : 
    • Showing the sources of the work; please hyperlink ALL claims, references, and figures; 
    • Providing readers who seek greater depth or a richer array of information; and 
    • Making connection back to the product, company, organization, or report that is included in the submitted content 

See example below: 

Image Credits and Captions

Any submitted photo content on CVCA Central, which is not the property of the contributor, should have permission to be published and provide adequate information to credit the owner of the material. Headshots and logos are not permitted for use as featured images on CVCA Central. Please provide the full name of the photographer and a link back to their website, social handles, or electronic contact information. 

When submitting complementary photos to CVCA Central, please provide a detailed caption of the contents of the photo including a left-to-right listing of photo subjects full name, title, and organization. See example: 

Questions? Please contact the CVCA’s Communications and Marketing Department for further information.