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CVCA New Member Profile: ScalePoynt Solutions


This week we’re welcoming ScalePoynt Solutions to the CVCA membership!

The CVCA caught up with ScalePoynt to find out more about their operations, team, and what they’re excited about.

Tell us more about ScalePoynt

ScalePoynt is a managed services partner in Toronto, Ontario, focused exclusively on hands-on execution of specialty roles needed by early-stage SaaS startups.

We have a 2‑sided model to work with both Pre-Seed and Seed stage ventures, as well as their VC investors. For founders, we provide long-term talent and repeatable rollout models for AWS cloud, security, and GTM strategies to ensure they get to market quickly. For VCs, we help them better assess venture operating diligence so they can make investment decisions; and immediately following capital injections, help founders rapidly scale up on a moment’s notice in our 3 specialty areas.

ScalePoynt has is currently staffed with 15 people and has doubled its headcount in the previous year.

What is ScalePoynt’s focus?

We believe there is a better way to build and invest in startups.

Despite the millions of startups created to date, most founders feel like they’re the first person to figure out how to actually build their idea into a scalable business.

At ScalePoynt, we know this burden on founders can be reduced, and many areas they try to staff themselves can be best executed by partner experts in a repeatable manner.

Startups should succeed or fail based on the value of their product — not whether they can build the operating infrastructure to get their idea to market fast enough.

Tell us about the ScalePoynt team.

Steve Henry is the Managing Director at ScalePoynt Solutions. He is a former CTO and Consulting Practice Leader with 20 years’ experience building startups and delivering innovative projects at companies of all sizes. He has played various executive roles for startups, including leading scale-up phases and helping restructure them for an exit.

David Duong is the Head of Delivery, with 20 years hands-on experience in infrastructure and cloud solutions. His experience in startups and enterprise is put to good use ensuring that every startup can be built as fast as the founders need, with the calibre that their enterprise customers expert.

What is ScalePoynt excited about (in the immediate horizon and in the long term)?

We are excited to have doubled in size over the last year and become even more cost and time efficient at getting startups to market quickly.

We have built longer-term partnerships with over a dozen startups in the last 2 years and are excited to focus on working more directly with VC firms to help best support their early-stage portfolios.

If you would ever like to grab a chat more about how we can support your founders, reach out to us here.