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CVCA Member Profile: Quark Venture


We continue to showcase our members by profiling the unique organizations that make up our membership. This is an opportunity to learn how they contribute to our community and advance the ecosystem.

This week we’re excited to find out more about Quark Venture!

Quark Venture LP is a Vancouver, Canada- headquartered VC that supports and enables companies they invest in to grow, create value and be successful by providing not only financial support but also developmental, infrastructure, and expertise support, as needed, through their global network. 

The CVCA caught up with the Quark Venture team to learn more about their team and what they’re excited about.

Who is Quark Venture?

Quark Venture LP is a Canadian venture capital firm that invests in innovative and cutting-edge biotechnology and health sciences companies. Quark Venture is one of the early life sciences VCs to capitalize on the shifting market by leading investments in converging technologies with biotech and medtech.

Through a joint venture with a leading investment bank, Quark Venture established the Global Health Sciences (GHS) Fund in 2016, giving Quark the financial firepower needed to invest globally. Quark Venture is driven by innovative science and by talented teams and focuses on investing in disruptive bioscience companies that address unmet medical needs through advances in biomedical research, AI, data, digital health, and new converging technologies anywhere in the world.

Quark Venture is one of the first women-founded and led investment firms in North America and is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, with satellite offices in Boston, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Chengdu. 

The Quark Venture leadership, partners and management come from leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies such as Sanofi Pasteur, Roche, and other prominent healthcare organizations, as well as leading investment banks such as Jeffries. The GHS Fund financial team is based in Hong Kong and has extensive experience in the financial and banking industries.

As a result of our extensive knowledge and deep expertise in finance, commercialization, venture capital investment, science, biotechnology, medtech, innovation, translation, strategic alliances, M&As, leadership and management, Quark Ventures has been able to realize the full potential and value of this sector.

What is Quark Venture’s mission and vision?

Quark Venture’s mission is to invest in and enable cutting-edge bioscience companies to realize their full potential in developing game-changing products, platforms or technologies for the prevention or treatment of unmet medical needs. Our ultimate goal is to play a role in impacting global health and the well-being of patients.

Our motto is — Smart Capital, building SmartCompanies. Smart capital is deployed into companies with smart people and great science/​technology, and we then work with our portfolio companies to help them develop the next generation of therapies and preventions. 

What excites you about the biosciences sector now and in the future?

Quark Ventures is excited about the potential of biosciences in elevating both the health and quality of life for humanity, as well as contributing to the innovation economy. We are especially excited about the potential of biosciences in Canada as a key cornerstone of the economy; without a robust innovation economy, Canadians will not be able to enjoy the social benefits and high-quality healthcare they strive for.