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CVCA Member Profile: Mink Capital

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Our series profiling CVCA’s members continue in 2022 which provides a look at the organizations in our community.

The latest member we’re thrilled to profile is Mink Capital.

Mink Capital is a private equity group with a rapidly growing educational arm, Mink Learning, which provides training, consulting, and workshop-based solutions to family offices looking to invest in private equity.

We caught up with the Mink Capital team to learn more about the firm, their education division, and what they’re excited about on the horizon. 

Describe Mink Capital and its focus

Founded in 2011, Mink Capital is a private equity firm that advises, consults, and educates family offices on how to invest in private equity. Mink Capital’s holistic DARE approach to investing in private equity has helped family offices around the world invest in private equity for over 10 years.

With the strong demand for private equity education worldwide, in 2020, Mink spun off a division called, Mink Learning, with the goal of being the #1 private equity education provider in the world for investors looking to invest in private equity, as well as financial institutions and service providers looking to advise their clients on private equity.

Tell us more about the founder at Mink Capital

Steve Balaban, CFA, the Chief Investment Officer of Mink Capital, is recognized globally as a subject matter expert on private equity. He 

  • Is the author of private equity sections of the Global CFA Curriculum for the CFA Institute for its Level 1 and Level 3 Exams
  • Runs the world’s leading Private Equity Education-Focused YouTube Channel with over 500,000 views, where he regularly highlights our CVCA members 
  • Developed and taught (for seven years) the award-winning private equity course at the University of Waterloo, being the only lecturer in the history of the University of Waterloo to win both the Distinguished Teaching Award and the WUSA Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award in the same year.

Prior to Mink Capital, Steve worked at Dunkley Capital where he invested in private equity, including consolidation of billboard companies throughout Canada where he served as President of Stellar Outdoor Advertising. Steve has extensive international experience. He has worked, studied, and visited over 85 countries in every continent in the world.

What is Mink Capital excited about on the horizon?

Mink Capital is very excited about teaching private equity around the world through its new education-focused brand, Mink Learning.

In 2021, Mink Learning offered private equity bootcamps and other private equity-focused educational events around the world including in Greece, Poland, and, of course, Canada. 

In 2022, Mink Learning is looking forward to its private equity global educational offerings, including in Zurich, where it will make the complex world of private equity simple for some of the leading family offices in Switzerland in one of Mink’s private equity bootcamps.

Mink Learning is also excited to continue growing its YouTube Channel around the world. Currently, the audience for the channel is from 50 different countries and has watched videos for more than a total of 20,000 hours. 

Over the long run, Mink Learning is looking to be the #1 private equity education provider in the world for:

  • Investors (including family offices looking to invest in their next generation)
  • Financial Institutions (including wealth managers looking to better advise their clients on private equity)
  • Service Providers (including lawyers and accountants looking to better understand the needs of their private equity-focused clients)

You can learn more about Mink Learning and its offerings by visiting its website here.