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CVCA Member Profile: Losange Finance

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We’re continuing our member series on CVCA Central; profiling our members and providing insight into these invaluable organizations in our community.

The latest member we are excited to profile is Losange Finance.

Tell us more about Losange Finance.

Losange Finance was founded in 2019 by Philippe and Claude-Olivier with the initial aim to serve startup clients with their back-office needs. Soon, they recognized the demand for high-quality, white-glove VC back-office services in Canada and made a strategic shift to focus on this specialized market segment.

We proudly operate as a Canadian-owned and Montreal-based firm, committed to offering services in French and English to our Venture Capital and Private Equity clients. 

The Firm provides a comprehensive suite of back-office services tailored for VC and PE funds. The offerings span from assisting with fund launch, managing fund financials and performance reporting, investor servicing, providing GP and Management Company support to offering fund operations advisory. We ensure that every step of our clients’ fund lifecycle is well-supported with our full range of services.

What is Losange’s focus?

At Losange, we take on the responsibilities of our clients’ back-office operations, aiming to function seamlessly as an extension of their own team. Our core focus revolves around delivering precise and timely financial statements, while our commitment to client support and cybersecurity remains paramount.

We are also focusing on assisting our clients in maintaining a high level of professionalism in their performance reporting and in fostering trust with their investors. 

Losange has partnered with Allvue Systems to introduce robust automation and scalability to its client delivery process. This enables standard services to be robust and sturdy while empowering our team to channel their efforts toward delivering additional value to our clients.

What is Losange excited about?

Our driving passion is assisting clients in adopting best practices for their back-office operations. In the fast-paced world of VC firms, where investor relations, deal flow, and portfolio management often take center stage, we are here to not only manage those aspects but also cultivate a robust data culture for our clients’ success.

We’re actively exploring ways to further enhance our support for clients in their middle-office operations, such as data collection, data visualization, etc. Our ultimate aim is to offer a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring our clients have everything they need for success.

We’re excited to work with CVCA Members, empowering GPs and funds with easy access to their financial data. This accessibility is pivotal in enabling data-driven decision-making for their funds.