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CVCA Member Profile: Deloitte Ventures

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We’re continuing to profile unique organizations that make up our membership. This is an opportunity to learn how they contribute to our community and advance the ecosystem.

This week we’re excited to find out more about Deloitte Ventures.

The CVCA caught up with Deloitte Ventures to learn more about their thesis, team, and what they’re excited about.

Tell us about Deloitte Ventures.

  • Deloitte is the largest professional services firm globally, a trailblazer in thought leadership, and a hub for innovation. Deloitte Canada established and launched Deloitte Ventures in early 2022 — a $150M fund aimed at investing in visionary founders of emerging technology companies.
  • Deloitte Ventures looks to bring capital, extensive network access, and strategic, financial and operational expertise to founders.
  • We are a small team of six people, but leverage the strength of our firm and community of over 400+ adVenturers to help us advance our mission across the country. 

What is Deloitte Ventures’ Thesis?

  • Deloitte Ventures is our commitment to stimulate Canada’s economy through investing in emerging technology companies that can lead globally – with the added benefit of keeping our clients and Canadian business ahead of the disruption curve.
  • Deloitte Ventures primarily invests in the Series A and B financing rounds, targeting software-led companies that are enterprise-focused and shaping the future of Fintech, Healthtech, Worktech, Data & AI, Cyber, and ESG. These are all areas where Deloitte’s unique expertise, market presence, and extensive network allows for not only deep diligence but also the ability to supercharge these organizations to become dominant players in the market. 

Tell us about the key people at Deloitte Ventures.

  • Talia Abramowitz is the Managing Partner of Deloitte Ventures and is responsible for developing the strategy, thesis and launching the fund in January 2022. Talia has spent her entire career at Deloitte Canada in various capacities, but having come from an entrepreneurial household, Talia is passionate about helping founders succeed. She has also become known for building new things inside of Deloitte. Prior to Deloitte Ventures, Talia co-founded, Omnia AI, Deloitte’s artificial intelligence practice in Canada, and was on the ground floor of scaling it into the successful practice it is today. Talia also has more than a decade of experience providing valuation and M&A advisory services to a variety of clients, with a particular focus on and personal excitement toward the technology sector. 
  • A fun fact – while Talia doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, she happens to have a bit of candy store in her basement called the Bodega’ – Our kids friends adore coming over, but I’m not sure the parents are always as pleased,” says Talia 😊 
  • Jon Wolkin and Jay Crone serve as Managing Directors of Deloitte Ventures and co-lead investing. They are responsible for scaling the Deloitte Ventures platform across direct and fund investments through deal sourcing, execution, and portfolio company monitoring. Combined, Jon and Jay bring over 25 years of investment banking, private equity, founder and venture capital experience as investors, advisors, and board members in a variety of industries. 

What is Deloitte Ventures excited about for the future?

  • We are most excited about the level of innovation and entrepreneurship we have seen in the market lately, even with the overall macro-economic conditions in the past few years. In fact, , we have been able to make six investments within just a year of being in the market! We have also seen hundreds of companies tackling many aspects of our economic future, and are really heartened by the level of vision, innovation, and dedication in our Canadian technology ecosystem. 
  • We take pride in our selection of investments and believe these have the potential to significantly impact the way we work, live, move, learn, transact and interact. . At Deloitte, we are excited by our ability to accelerate their commercialization journey, thereby making an impact on our communities, country, and world as we know it.