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VCs recognizing the value of SR&ED financing

The article highlights why SR&ED financing is a fantastic complement to the venture capital Nimbus Synergies deploys. Many of Nimbus Synergies' portfolio companies utilize SR&ED financing to supply non-dilutive cash flow in between VC rounds. The self-resolving nature of the debt and the ease with which it can be acquired make it attractive to both the founders within the company and the VCs that have deployed capital into the company - it provides cash flow, while protecting their equity.

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Requity Homes Announces $26M Financing to Make Homeownership More Accessible

Highline Beta portfolio company Requity Homes has secured $26M in equity and debt financing to fuel their next chapter of growth. Founded by Amy Ding, Requity Homes is bringing a modern rent-to-own platform to homeowners (with a focus on secondary markets in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba).

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Applications of Neurotechnology in Older Adults and Emerging Market Brief

The emerging Neurotechnology sector encompasses a wide range of technologies designed to understand, interact with, and enhance the lives of older adults. This market brief provides an overview of the applications of neurotechnology in older adults, key drivers, trends, challenges, and investment opportunities within this emerging space.

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Top Six Workflows of Data‑Driven Venture Managers

The “data-driven” venture fund manager is a term that has gained popularity in recent years. The rise of AI algorithms, data science, and access to larger datasets have increased the quantitative rigor at traditional venture funds. But what does it really mean to be “data-driven” when it comes to portfolio management and planning? In this post, we’ll summarize the most common patterns and workflows that we see successful data-driven managers employ.

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Post‑merger integration

Article exploring merger integration strategies that help create long-term value. It argues that having a well-managed post-merger integration effort from the beginning means “planning for success.”

Private equity acquires a taste for drug development

Private equity firms that deemed drug development too risky for their liking in the past are increasingly investing in the sector, raising dedicated funds and coming up with deals that compensate them for the uncertainty involved.

CVCA Awards 2023

Nominations for the 2023 CVCA Awards are now open!

The annual CVCA Awards are the ultimate platform to showcase your major achievements in deal making, returns, community service and more. This is your chance to prove that you're the best of the best in Canada’s private equity and venture capital landscape.

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Women in VC: Professional Bootcamp (Cohort 2)

The CWVC Bootcamps are back and stronger than ever! This year there are 2 tracks, one for analysts & women new to the industry, and one for Associates &vPrincipals on the partner track.The boot camps are free for CWIVC's 300+ members from over 180 VC firms in Canada.