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#IC20 Speaker Spotlight: Bill Browder, Putin’s Public Enemy # 1

On Tuesday June 16, Invest Canada ’20 ONLINE is pleased to welcome featured speaker Bill Browder. Browder is the CEO and co-founder of Hermitage Capital…

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Cybersecurity for the Remote Workforce

This article is a special contribution from Jeff Dawley, Founder, Cybersecurity Compliance Corporation. If you’re interested in contributing content to CVCA Central, please contact… Read More

How Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds can Weather the COVID-19 Crisis

This article is a special contribution from Myron Mallia-Dare an Associate Lawyer at Miller Thomson. If you’re interested in contributing content to CVCA Central,… Read More

From Zero to IPO: People Due Diligence at Every Startup Stage

Every time an investment firm considers putting capital into a growing company, even in the earliest funding rounds, they should insist on some level of… Read More

Creating Space for Life to Happen. We all have a role to play in changing the conversation.

“How are you?” Three simple words that we hear or read most days, so familiar that we don’t always consider the question. We respond: “I’m… Read More

VC Investment Activity in Canadian Life Sciences Companies: A Commentary

VC Investment Activity In Canadian Life Sciences Companies is a special contribution from David Kornacki, CVCA’s Associate, Research & Product With CVCA’s Q3 2019 report… Read More

How Explorance Took Advantage Of A National Partnership Between Espresso Capital And RBC To Fund A Strategic Acquisition

“How Explorance Took Advantage Of A National Partnership Between Espresso Capital And RBC To Fund A Strategic Acquisition” is a contribution from CVCA members Royal Bank… Read More

Canadian Business Growth Fund: Closing The Gap

Why don’t more Canadian companies grow to become global industry leaders? How did we go from being home to 18 such companies in 1990, compared… Read More

BDC Capital’s GP Academy Welcomes 2nd Cohort

This month, BDC Capital’s GP Academy will welcome it’s second cohort into this unique and world-class program, delivered in consultation with Kauffman Fellows. This cohort… Read More

The Investment Opportunity In British Columbia

B.C.’s tech sector is thriving. Year over year, we’re experiencing consistent growth in revenue, GDP, job creation, and total companies. We have more than 10,000… Read More

Moving From Searchlight To Beacon: An Opportunity For Canadian Venture Capital Firms Dedicated To Increasing Their Investment In Women-Founded Firms

The May 7th, 2019 report by Highline BETA and Female Funders on Women in Venture Capital shows that only 11.8% of managing partners in Canada’s… Read More

Empowering Canada’s Women Investors: Enough Talk, Let’s Take Action

Despite Canada’s commitment to creating opportunities for the next generation of women founders, access to capital remains a significant barrier… Read More

Balancing Equality In Canadian Private Capital – My Thoughts For IWD

As we got closer to International Women’s Day, I was asked to give some thought as to where I stood on a number of the… Read More