CVCA Intelligence

An Update to Canada’s Leading Private Capital Database

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Since 2013, CVCA has gathered data on Canada’s venture capital and private equity industry. Over the last nine years, this centralized industry research has helped us provide the CVCA membership with a more accurate understanding of the market, the issues affecting the industry, and the best positions to drive growth. This data has also become fundamental to help inform CVCA’s work with policymakers, media, and other stakeholders. As a result, CVCA has become recognized as the authority for the most comprehensive look at Canada’s private equity and venture capital landscape. 

To make industry data available in more usable and accessible formats, CVCA began providing its data through a single window in 2015. Today, we’re pleased to announce the 2.0 update in the evolution of CVCA Intelligence, which provides a real-time look at the Canadian market.

The latest CVCA Intelligence update features:

  • Enhanced real-time data visualizations across multiple datasets for quick analysis and critical insights
  • Work faster with improved search and new export functions
  • Discover and qualify investors, funds, and companies with new profiles
  • Improved data cleanliness and transparency for improved efficiency and reliability
  • Improved data reporting process featuring a new automated experience

With this new update, CVCA Intelligence provides the most comprehensive real-time look at Canada’s private equity and venture capital landscape since 2013. Plus, an opportunity to discover specific funds, companies, and investors.

Take a quick video tour of the latest update to CVCA Intelligence, provided by David Kornacki, Manager of Research and Product.

Check out our updated frequently asked questions page here.

Here’s a snapshot of some of what CVCA Intelligence tracks and an overview of its growing datasets:

Companies: 16773
Funds: 4517
Fundraising: 1628
Fund Participation: 1830
Deals: 15871
Deal Participants: 28540
Exits: 1553
Exit Participants: 2147
And more.

As a CVCA member, your organization receives a designated number of licenses to CVCA Intelligence. If you haven’t received access to CVCA Intelligence, contact the account owner of your organization’s CVCA membership to find out how to gain access. If you still have issues, please contact CVCA’s membership team here.

Non-members can enjoy unlimited monthly or discounted annual access to high-quality industry data and analysis by becoming CVCA Intelligence subscribers. Become a CVCA Intelligence subscriber here.